30 Outdoor Activities for Kids

Looking for some outdoor activities for kids? Well, it’s time to get outside! The positive impact of nature and outdoor learning has been proven over and over again. Spending time in nature increases focus, creativity, and a sense of wonder. Being outside also promotes overall health—both emotional and physical, for kids and adults alike.

So, gather your kids, grandkids, or even a neighbor’s kids, and head outside to start exploring God’s amazing creation!

To jump-start your creativity, The Good and the Beautiful team compiled a list of 30 unique and fun activities for you and your family to do outside this year whenever the weather’s nice where you live! 

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30 Outdoor Activities for Kids

1. Build a miniature town using items found in nature (sticks, stones, flowers, greens, etc.).

2. Pick and press flowers. Learn how here.

3. Try to count ants coming in and out of their homes.

4. Play baseball or kickball with water balloons.

5. Make a homemade tic-tac-toe game with items found around your yard.

6. Host a Service Scavenger Hunt to help in your community.

7. Have a sidewalk chalk coloring contest.

8. Play capture the flag.

9. Take an “I Spy” nature walk.

10. Ask your neighbors if you can help with yard cleanup or other tasks.

11. Make a car wash for your bikes.

12. Host a lemonade stand.

13. Set up a mini-golf course in your yard using only natural materials.

14. Plant seeds in a pot or in a spot in your yard and watch them grow.

15. Look for shapes in the clouds.

16. Go stargazing or track the phases of the moon for a month.

17. Pick up trash in your neighborhood. 

18. Use a magnifying glass to see insects up close.

19. Blow bubbles using homemade bubble wands.

20. Watch birds and notice their interesting habits.

21. Peel a crayon and do leaf and bark rubbings.

22. Collect rocks, paint them, and hide them around your neighborhood.

23. Hunt for worms on a rainy day and count how many you find.

24. Make a crown of flowers and other colorful plants. 

25. See what signs of wildlife you can spot: tracks, droppings, fur, feathers, snakeskins, etc.

26. Pick clean, unsprayed dandelions and use them to make dandelion play dough.

27. Collect different types of soil (sandy, clay, etc.); then get them all wet to see whether the water holds. Try making shapes with the soil containing clay! 

28. Take a walk to discover different species of trees and their unique leaves.

29. Have a spelling bee (or math bee, singing contest, or any contest!) outside with friends and family.

30. Host a neighborhood book swap, sharing your favorites from The Good and the Beautiful Library

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Share in the comments how these activities worked for your family, along with other ideas you have for outdoor fun! Don’t forget to download the full list and check off each item as you go. 

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  • Samantha Youket

    Love this list always looking for more fun ideas for outside!

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    Love all the ideas! ❤️

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    I love this list! Perfect for when the kids can’t think of something on their own

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    What wonderful ideas! Perfect for our active family.

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    Love these ideas!!! They will be so helpful in trying to figure out things to do to extend our outside time!