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Our second grade courses are easy and fun to teach! Here’s what your second grader needs to have a successful year.

Language Arts

Level 2 Language Arts Course Set



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Build confident readers with the Level 2 Language Arts course! Boost your child’s confidence while making homeschool fun and meaningful using this full-year second grade language arts course.

  • Interactive, short, and effective lessons
  • A one-of-a-kind phonics and reading program
  • Lessons inspire a love of good literature, God, family, nature, beautiful art, and strong moral values
  • Combines the following subjects into one easy-to-teach, no prep-time needed course: reading, phonics. writing, spelling, literature, grammar & punctuation, geography, and art
  • A gentle, step-by-step, and frustration-free approach to writing and spelling instruction

The Language Arts Level 2 Course Set includes the Level 2 Course Book and the Reading Booster C Cards and Books Set. The Reading Booster resources teach phonics and reading in a powerful, fun, and sequential way creating strong and enthusiastic readers.

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My Third Nature Reader

My Third Nature Reader


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My Third Nature Reader includes 20 short books for beginning readers at a second-grade reading level. Each book focuses on one or two phonics concepts or a group of sight words. 182 pages, hardcover with fabric bookmark, full color
The Good and the Beautiful My Third Readers are designed to give the child extra independent reading practice at exactly the level the child is on, which boosts confidence and makes reading less overwhelming and a more enjoyable and positive experience. These wonderful readers are not integrated with this course, but all the My Third Readers follow the exact scope and sequence of the Reading Booster C Cards. For example, Story #16 in the My Third Nature Reader covers the phonics concept OUR and OUGH that correlates with a reading booster card, and avoids any concepts the child has not learned yet. Graphic of Original Publication
Note: The My First Readers correlate with the Reading Booster A Cards. The My Second Readers correlate with the Reading Booster B Cards. My Third Nature Reader is also available in PDF format by clicking here.
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Front Cover Math 2 Course Book and Box 2A
Math 2 Course Set


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Simply Good and Beautiful Math 2 is here! Each of our brand-new math courses were created to provide a perfect balance of enjoyable learning along with development of a strong math foundation. The Math 2 parent-led lessons are just the right length for young learners and contain fun games and activities, the highest academic standards, diversity, and connected learning. Our pilot families could not believe how much their child learned and the way that math is seamlessly linked to real life in engaging and meaningful ways. 

Included with the $58.98 price is the Math 2 Course Book and the Math 2 Box which contains colorful wooden components that bring hands-on learning and fun to the simple open-and-go lessons.

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Science for Little Hearts and Hands Course Set: Fields and Flowers -2A
Science for Little Hearts and Hands Course Set—Fields and Flowers


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With beautiful illustrations, captivating stories, hands-on activities, and engaging videos, Science for Little Hearts and Hands is a gentle introduction to science for the youngest learners. 

  • Short, engaging lessons
  • Beautifully illustrated science storybook
  • Videos packed with learning
  • Perfect for preschool to 2nd grade 
  • Science activities for preschoolers and early elementary children.
  • Foundational scientific learning presented in a child-friendly way

This brand-new unit for young children is a gentle introduction to exploring God’s amazing creation. Learn about bees, trees, and so much more…

This course includes a full-color Parent Guide that walks you through teaching the lessons. Each lesson includes either a beautifully illustrated story from The Big Book of Science Stories: Fields and Flowers, or a short, engaging video. 

Please note that the Parent Guide has been transitioned to lay-flat binding instead of wire-o binding.

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Front Cover Handwriting Level 2 - 2B
Handwriting Workbook Level 2


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Handwriting Level 2 is for children in second or third grade. This course is for children with some handwriting experience who are still working on correct print formation of letters and numbers. Words, sentences, Bible verses, and poems are introduced part-way through the course. Text size is eventually reduced in the course as children gain experience with handwriting. This course also helps children learn to spell the names of colors and reviews the spelling of numbers.

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