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Language Arts Placement Test – UPDATED

The Good and the Beautiful language arts courses thoroughly cover reading, writing, grammar, spelling, literature, geography, and art for each level. However, when choosing which level to place a child in, we strongly suggest the child start on the course level that corresponds to his or her grade level, unless extra reading help is needed.

Additional details found in the placement test below.

Math K Course Set

Math Placement Test

Simply Good and the Beautiful Math is mainly a spiral math curriculum, constantly reviewing concepts the child learns throughout the course to ensure he or she understands and retains the information.

While Simply Good and Beautiful Math contains the highest academic standards, it more closely follows grade levels and is not considered advanced. Levels Math K through Math 6 are currently available. Math 7–8 will be released in upcoming years. Use this placement test to help you determine which level best fits your child.

Reading Level Assessment

Reading Placement Test

Use this placement test to assess the reading level of your child to help you choose books from The Good and the Beautiful Book Library and Book List. There is a separate test to assess the placement of your child for the language arts course levels.

• This placement test is a rough guide. Some children read more slowly, especially when reading aloud, but still enjoy higher level books. Use your best judgment.

• Children are usually fine to occasionally read books that are one level higher than their reading levels. We also suggest letting children read good and beautiful books below their reading levels (while also reading books on their levels), as all the books in our library and on our book list are high-quality and worthwhile. To improve reading skills, it is also suggested that children read books one or two levels higher than their regular reading level with a parent or teacher.

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