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2024 Awards

Celebrations are in order! The Secret Door received a Book Excellence Award in the Children’s Fiction category. The Book Excellence Awards honor books that have high quality design, writing and market appeal. To see the full listing of the book on the award site, please visit:

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Book Review of Badger Hills Farm Series: The Secret Door
What hidden adventure lies behind the secret door?

Cousins and best friends, Timothy and Zoey are having the time of their lives, exploring Badger Hills Farm, the 177-acre property their family has inherited. So, when they discover there is a secret door hidden in the house, they are in for their biggest adventure yet. As the story progresses, readers see Timothy and Zoey partaking in different activities that take place on a farm such as looking after horses, chopping firewood and getting to know new animal species such as squirrels, dogs, horses, badgers, deer, and more. 
Readers get to experience Timothy and Zoey learning new things on their own and experiencing the consequences of their actions. In specific, Zoey’s adventure leading to her getting hurt in the forest for not following Nanna Bell’s rules, is particularly powerful. The book is also filled with lighter moments. The warm atmosphere of Christmas being right around the corner also fills the farm with love, joy and plenty of festive activities.

Full of descriptive imagery and engaging illustrations that bring the story to life, Phillips paints a vivid picture of each scene and character, which makes you feel as though you are living and breathing each moment with the characters. In addition, her ability to weave positive, uplifting messages that will aid in young ones’ social and emotional understanding and development is brilliant. Readers will learn profound lessons about trust, courage, family and faith. In addition, Zoey and Timothy are lovable protagonists with relatable qualities and characteristics that will have readers rooting for them every step of the way. 
Written for Level 3B readers, The Secret Door helps young readers develop new skills while transporting them on an adventure unlike any other.

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