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Creative Writing

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How do I use the Creative Writing Notebooks?

The Creative Writing Notebook #1 is designed to be self-directed by the child, and many of the pages can be completed in any order. In the Creative Writing Notebook #2, the child will spend time creating and refining two full stories. The pages in those sections should be done in order and will walk the child through each step of the process. Either allow the child to use the notebook whenever desired, setting aside time each day, or plan on 1–3 times a week for working on the notebook. Some children may need prompting and help. For example, “You must complete three pages a week, but you may choose whatever pages you would like.”

Will the Creative Writing Notebook last a full school year?

It will depend on how often and how fast the child works. Some pages can be completed quickly, while others will take much longer. To finish in one school year, it is suggested that the child completes an average of three pages each week.

When should I start my child with the Creative Writing Notebook?

The Creative Writing Notebook is designed for children in grades 4–12. (Children in grades 2–3 with advanced handwriting and writing skills may also enjoy the notebooks.)