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What handwriting style does your curriculum follow?

The Good and the Beautiful handwriting style is closest to the Zaner Bloser style, which is straight up and down instead of slanted as in some other manuscript handwriting styles.

Why are handwriting books bound on the side?

As we have received customer feedback, we found that most families prefer side binding on all of their books, including handwriting. Some of the positive reasons for side-bound books include the following: ease of flipping through pages (for parents to review work or for children to look at what they have done so far), less damage while on shelves, and less wear and tear.

Why are the spaces so small for Level 1?

The size of letters in Level 1 is bigger than in other levels. If your child is only able to write letters that are very large, he or she has not yet acquired the motor skills needed for Level 1 Handwriting or the Level K course. Your child should begin with the Pre-K and Level K Primer courses along with the Doodles and Pre-Writing for Littles Part 1 or Part 2 or Level K Handwriting. See all Handwriting Levels.