A Girl of the Limberlost

by Gene Stratton-Porter

Beautiful and Uplifting

5.0 rating
November 20, 2020

In beautifully-rich descriptive language and uplifting moral merit, The Girl of Limberlost, highlights the evolving nature of mankind, especially in the face of circumstance and experience. Through admirable exemplars, truth is illuminated that utilization of righteous agency, despite great adversity, can produce virtue, gentleness, goodness, and perhaps most importantly, the humble and charitable capacity to forgive. This book is a treasure, not only for its captivating imagery, but also for its noble message of the strength of moral character, and how that goodness has the ability to expand and beneficially impact others.

Brynn Stringham


5.0 rating
September 24, 2020

Parent here: This was one of the formative books of my childhood. I received it on my twelfth birthday, and I read it at least once a year from that point on. I still read it often! It keeps me going through hard times and reminds me of the value of hard work and sacrifice.


Wonderful book!

5.0 rating
June 7, 2020

My daughter (11) and I read this book together and we both were so sad when we finished it! The depth of character and storyline was riveting. We both came to love Elnora and enjoyed the story as it developed. Well written and captivating, we highly recommend this book for nearly any age!


Gene Stratton Porter is timeless!

5.0 rating
May 19, 2020

I have my Grandma’s copy of this book, and I treasure it. Since reading it as a teenager, I have called it a favorite. Gene Stratton Porter has a beautiful way of helping readers fall in love with the Indiana Limberlost; we’re left feeling like we’re back home when we read any of her books. I think Laddie is possibly my favorite, but I really can hardly choose!


Such a beautiful, inspiring book

5.0 rating
March 14, 2020

This book makes it on my favorite book list, along with Freckles, its prequel. It is such an inspiring story. It taught us principles about kindness, forgiveness, learning, curiosity and education, appreciation of nature, wholesome romance, and staying true to oneself. Additionally, it led us to look up a lot of questions about moths and we learned to treasure their beauty. We also researched the Limberlost. This book is wonderful!

Danielle B
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Level 11

Spurned by her grieving mother since birth, 16-year-old Elnora Comstock finds solace in nature, cultivating a collection of rare moths and other specimens from Indiana’s Limberlost swampland.

Elnora desires above all the love of her unaffectionate mother and an education at the local high school. But without any financial support available, Elnora must rely on her resourcefulness and determination to pay her way through school.

This coming-of-age classic combines fascinating observations on nature with the struggles of growing up at the dawn of the 20th century. Will Elnora be able to earn enough money for her education? Will her mother ever truly love her and recognize that “the only pleasure in this world worth having is the joy we derive from living for those we love”?

329 pages

Clean language version

This book is integrated with the High School 2 Language Arts course.

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