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The full-color Course Book guides the parent through each lesson in the Chemistry science course. Hands-on activities, engaging videos, vocabulary words, beautiful illustrations and images, along with engaging information is found throughout the course. Once you gather any simple lesson supplies, the lessons are open-and-go. Just turn to a lesson and start reading and learning together! This course is taught family-style and only one Course Book is needed per family.

  • 112 pages
  • Full color
  • 14 lessons
  • Wire binding; 8.5″x11″

A Student Journal for each child is also needed to complete this course.

Chemistry Course Book One Per Family


Each student grades 5–8 needs their own copy of the 40-page Chemistry Student Journal, which includes interactive activities, games, and worksheets the child will complete during the lessons. The parent-led lessons in the Course Book will direct the student regarding when to complete the Student Journal activities. The Chemistry course and Student Journal are created for grades 5–8 and already contain upper-level work, so no Lesson Extensions are needed or included in this unit.

Chemistry Student Journal Grades 5-8 One Per Student