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This beautiful and academically strong course is filled with connected learning and a simple daily lesson format including enjoyable activities and games.  Advanced multiplication and division, geometry, graphing, measurement, and so much more are all taught in this open-and-go course. This Course Book serves as both the teacher’s guide and the student book and guides students through each engaging lesson.

  • 370 pages
  • 120 lessons
  • Full color
  • Layflat binding

The Math 5 videos are also needed to complete this course.

Course Book Math 5


This mental math book correlates with the Simply Good and Beautiful Math 5 Course Book, which directs the child to complete a lesson box in this mental math book with their teacher or parent for each lesson. At the end of each page of four or five lesson boxes, the student is directed to place a sticker onto their included map. At the end of the course, the student will have a completed picture of the map, and as a reward for completing the course, the child is then able to read the “You-Choose” book included in the course: Ivy and the Ice Village.

Mental Math Map Mysteries Math 5


The Math 5 Answer Key includes the answers for all lessons within the Math 5 Course Book.

Answer Key Math 5


Simply Good and Beautiful Math 5 was created to provide a perfect balance of enjoyable learning along with the development of a strong math foundation. The Math 5 student-led lessons include engaging, unique videos that teach all concepts simply and thoroughly. All of our Simply Good and Beautiful Math courses combine fun games and activities with the highest academic standards, diversity, and connected learning. Our pilot families could not believe how much their child learned and the way that math is seamlessly linked to real life in engaging and meaningful ways. 

The course set includes the Math 5 Course Book, Math 5 Mental Math Map Mysteries, Answer Key, and access to Math 5 Videos.

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Math 5 Course Set


Finally, learning multiplication facts doesn’t have to be hard. Musical Multiplication is full of vibrant images, beautiful multiplication songs, and captivating lyrics that make memorization a breeze!

  • Children learn multiplication facts independently, freeing up time for parents.
  • Children are introduced to joyful learning that is auditory, visual, and kinesthetic.
  • Music ingrains math facts quickly and long term.
  • Children also gain the benefits of practicing melody, pitch, beat, and rhythm.
  • Multiplication songs, written by award-winning songwriter Jenny Phillips, are high-quality and enjoyable.

Note: There are no faith-based lyrics in the songs.

Includes the boxed set of 4 spiral-bound books and a download link to access multiplication songs.

Musical Multiplication can be used as an optional resources with our Math courses.

Please note: songs are only available with physical purchase. If you choose to return an unwanted unit or cancel an order, you will be charged $12.49  for the songs; only the physical portion is refundable.

Musical Multiplication Physical Books + MP3 Songs


The Multiplication Flashcards are a helpful tool for children to learn, master, and review multiplication facts. Facts include facts for multiplication 3–9 and 12. Facts covered match those included in Musical Multiplication. Multiplication Flashcards are highly suggested to accompany Math 3 and above.

Please note: these flashcards are available as a free PDF for self-printing if desired. The PDF can be found on the FAQs page for Math 3, Math 4, and Math 5.

Multiplication Flashcards


The Good and the Beautiful Math Scratch Pad includes colorful graph paper to help children as they organize and complete equations, graphs, and other math computations.

Math Scratch Pad


You will receive a link to download a file containing the books and multiplication songs.

Friendly Reminder: Downloads are always final sales and cannot be refunded if you later choose to purchase the physical version.

Musical Multiplication (PDF Books + MP3 Songs)


The Good and the Beautiful Math Scratch Pad includes colorful graph paper to help children as they organize and complete equations, graphs, and other math computations.

Math Scratch Pad (PDF)