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PDF for self-printing

Ten separate, consumable unit booklets guide the student through the course. Links are given for videos. Some videos are required—for things such as complex grammar principles and literature analysis—but most videos are optional, for those who need more help with certain concepts.

This PDF version comes with 10 booklets (8.5” x 11”, 380 pages total, full-color). The Unit Booklets also come with a PDF answer key, which will be available for download on the screen after checkout and emailed to you.

High School 3 Unit Booklets (PDF)


PDF for self-printing

This PDF book set includes the four required reading books integrated with the course:

A link will be sent to you to download the digital version of each book.

High School 3 Book Pack (PDF)


PDF for self-printing

This non-consumable guide can be used to aid parents with any of The Good and the Beautiful courses, and it is required for the High School 1-3 Language Arts Courses. The Guide contains the main instruction for writing, grammar, usage, and punctuation and the high school unit booklets refer to this guide often. Many sections in this guide give links for videos that can be watched for further help.

Grammar and Writing Guide (PDF)


PDF for self-printing

These cards are used for memorization of poetry, Greek and Latin roots, and geography (countries of Africa, countries of Northern Europe, Canadian provinces, major rivers of the world, major deserts of the world, and much more). 

Language Arts Course Set High School Cards (PDF)