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This beautiful and academically strong course covers reading, writing, spelling, grammar, punctuation, literature, art, vocabulary and geography. With beautiful literature, magnificent art, and connected learning, this mainly self-directed, open-and-go course book guides children through learning in an enjoyable, engaging way.

  • 208 pages
  • Full-color
  • Wire binding
  • 11″X8.5″

The Level 7 Course Companion, Favorite Classics Reader, Daily Checklist and Geography & Grammar Cards are also needed to complete the course.

Course Book Language Arts Level 7


An integrated part of the level 7 course, the course companion contains poetry, quick reference, answer key, course readings and sentence dictation.

Course Companion Language Arts Level 7


An integrated part of the Level 7 course, the 281-page Favorite Classics Reader is designed to help children experience and love “good and beautiful” style literature.

Reader Language Arts Level 7


This component of the Level 7 course is used daily by children in order to plan and track the completion of all work.

Daily Checklist


For use with levels 5–7, children master grammar concepts and geography through daily review of these cards.

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Language Arts Geography & Grammar Cards