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This beautiful and academically strong course is filled with connected learning and a simple daily lesson format including enjoyable activities and games. Numbers and counting, addition, subtraction, shapes and colors, calendars and time, measurement, and so much more are all taught in this open-and-go course. This Course Book serves as both the teacher’s guide and the student book and guides parents and students through each engaging lesson.

  • 253 pages
  • 120 lessons
  • Full color
  • Wire binding

The Math K Box is also needed to complete this course.

Course Book Math K

All items in the Math K Box (new design) are heavily used in lessons, activities, and games throughout the course.This beautiful and durable math box (5.31”x5.31”x1.5”) is designed with an easy-to-open folding lid with magnetic closures and 3 compartments for easy storage of all manipulatives.
The Math K Box contains:
  • 4 wooden dice that are approximately 1” square including:
    • 1 die with numbers 1–6
    • 1 die with numbers 7–12
    • 2 dice with equation symbols
  • 2 painted wooden game pawns
  • 3 car manipulatives with stands (approximately 1.75”x1.25”)
  • 15 painted wooden counting sticks (square so they don’t roll, 3” long)


Small parts—Not for children under 3 yrs.

Math Box Math K