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History Read-Aloud Book Pack Year 2
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History Course Book Year 2
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This 214-page course book guides the parent and child through the course and requires no prep time other than glancing at future lessons to see if there are any extra items to gather. Includes access to Audio Dramatizations and the Student Explorers.

  •  Full-color cover
  • Black & white inside
  • 214 pages
  • 8.5×11
  • PDF for self-printing

The Maps & Images Book as well as the Timeline are also needed to complete this course. 

History Course Book (PDF) Year 2


History Maps & Images
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This full-color 72-page book includes beautiful maps, paintings, and images. The course book DIRECTS when and how to incorporate these maps and images into the lessons. PDF for self-printing. 

History Maps & Images (PDF)


This fun game for 2-8 players helps children of all ages memorize key historical figures who were settlers and explorers. This interactive card game adds variation and family interaction as you learn about history.

*Original game by The Good and the Beautiful

*History Years 1-4 and all components are currently being discontinued. Physical components are available only while supplies last. All sales for discontinued items are final. We do not have a date for the release of future history courses although new editions will not be available prior to the 2023-2024 school year. US Constitution and Government is not being discontinued.

Explorers and Settlers Game Year 2


History Timeline Year 2
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This 7-page timeline is introduced in the Year 2 course and will be used in the remaining courses (Year 3 & Year 4). It will also review information from the previous course (Year 1). The timeline can be hung up or simply laid out on the table when referenced by the course book. The timeline includes major historical events and figures from creation to modern times. Timeline stickers are purchased separately. The course book will direct you when to have your children add the stickers to the timeline. The Year 3 and Year 4 courses include additional timeline stickers that will be added to the timeline. PDF for self-printing.

History Timeline (PDF) Year 2


History Timeline Stickers Year 1 & 2
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Includes timeline stickers for both Year 1 and Year 2 events. The Year 2 Course Book will guide you to place stickers on the timeline during select lessons. PDF for self-printing.

History Timeline Stickers (PDF) Year 1 & 2