Facts About Frogs & Snakes

by Sue Stuever Battel
Level 2A

Young readers will be excited to learn about two of their favorite animals in this fun, fact-filled book. Close-up photographs of real frogs and snakes will fascinate young readers as they keep reading to learn about the behaviors, diets, habits, and more of these interesting animals. Facts About Frogs & Snakes is just right for children reading at Level 2. Five challenge words will help them stretch their skills.

  • 62 pages
  • Full-color photos and illustrations
  • Paperback, perfect binding, 5.5″x8.5″

Facts About Frogs & Snakes is part of the Facts About Series. These level 2A books are original publications perfect for children who have just completed The Good and the Beautiful Level 1 Language Arts Course. They can be read in any order.

Original Publication Only Available from the Good and Beautiful Bookshop

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