Space Science Grades 7-8 Extension
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Extremely Informative and Interesting Biography

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February 16, 2021

I never knew so much about Galileo until reading this book. What an avant-garde mathematician and scientist! Middle- and high schoolers will benefit from reading this well-written and interesting book.

Ann M.

Informative Biography

5.0 rating
February 16, 2021

This is a great informational biography of Galileo. He did not have an easy life, but was obssessed with astronomy and in getting his beliefs out to the public. My 12-year-old read it immediately upon receiving it and could hardly put it down.

Linda L
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Level 8

Born in 1564 in Italy, Galileo Galilei spent his life asking “Why?” It was not enough for him to be told a fact—he had to investigate it and prove it for himself. Would Galileo become a great musician? An inventor? A mathematician? A teacher? An author? Actually, he became all of these! More than anything else, he was a dedicated scientist and is now known as the father of modern experimental science. Even though some individuals were slow to accept Galileo and his research, he never gave up “finding the truth and proclaiming it.”

by Rebecca B. Marcus, 118 pages, full-color, 5.5″X8.5″

This book is suggested to accompany our Space Science unit as extra reading for students in Grades 7–8.

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