Pine Cone Hill Series

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Level 1B

Join in the exciting adventures of the children who live around Pine Cone Hill! The tall trees and the woods around their homes give the children many fun and pleasant days to play and explore together.

Through stories that will capture your children’s imaginations, the Pine Cone Hill Series teaches lessons about compassion, responsibility, friendship, and more. Beginning readers can improve their fluency and comprehension while reading the delightful stories in the Pine Cone Hill Series.

These level 1B books with full-color illustrations are original publications, perfect for children who are about halfway through The Good and the Beautiful Level 1 Language Arts Course. It is recommended that they be read in order.

Original Publication Only Available from the Good and Beautiful Bookshop

Pine Cone Hill Series Currently Includes

Pine Cone Hill Book 1 by Shannen Yauger


Little brother Ed wants to fly! But when he gets hurt jumping off a tree stump, he finds that flying is more difficult than he thought. Can Ed’s dad find a safer way for him to fly? Join the Cook family—Mom and Dad, brothers Ed, Will, and Mack, and even the dog, Flop—for the first adventure on Pine Cone Hill.

95 pages

Pine Cone Hill Book 2 by Shannen Yauger Coming Soon

Pine Cone Hill Book 2 by Shannen Yauger


Coming soon!

Pine Cone Hill Book 2 is anticipated to release Fall 2024!

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