Handwriting Workbook

Level 4

Handwriting Level 4 is for children in fourth grade. This course focuses primarily on cementing correct cursive letter formation and on teaching how to write cursive words and sentences using a unique colored dot system developed by Jenny Phillips. This technique makes it easy for children to correctly learn cursive with little to no help from parents. Level 4 also reviews print letter formation. If children have no experience with cursive writing, they should start with the Level 3 Handwriting course.

The Good and the Beautiful handwriting courses include images, artwork, poetry, Bible verses, and quotes that support high character, faith, nature, and creativity. Drawing activities are incorporated throughout the course to make handwriting more enjoyable and increase fine motor skills. This workbook includes 100 sheets, which is 3–4 sheets per week for an average school year.

  • Wire Bound
  • Full Color with Colored Dot System
  • 8.5”x11″

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