Handwriting Workbook

Level 6 (PDF)

PDF for self-printing.

Handwriting Level 6 is for children in sixth grade. The course focuses on cursive writing. If children have no experience with cursive writing, they should start with the Level 3 Handwriting course, which introduces cursive writing.

As children copy adages, Bible verses, skillfully written poetry, states and capitals, grammar rules, and presidents of the United States in order of presidency (the first six), children will be learning more than just cursive handwriting.

The text size for cursive writing gets smaller as the course progresses. Also, as the course progresses, instead of just copying cursive writing, children will write original sentences in cursive and convert manuscript print to cursive writing. This will help children to memorize the formation of cursive letters.

This workbook includes 100 sheets, which is 3–4 sheets per week for an average school year.