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Start US Constitution and Government

The US Constitution and Government course for grades 4-8 includes interactive lessons, an exciting full-length book, inspirational audio biographies, and much more.

This 32-lesson course transports students into the lives of the United States’ Founding Fathers and Mothers. Additionally, it covers important events and documents which formed America’s government.

Children gain a deep understanding of the principles guiding those who founded America’s Republic: justice, liberty, duty, and equality.

History with The Good and the Beautiful

Learn how to start each of our four, full-year history courses. Each course is taught family-style so students of multiple ages learn together. Activities throughout make learning engaging for both younger and older children.

Families may complete the courses in any order. However, we recommend you start with Year 1.

Years 1–4 each teach ancient history through modern history, making stops in different time periods and places. Your family will certainly complete one course each school year by finishing just two lessons per week.

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New Updates

See all the latest information about the updates for History Years 1–4. If you have our current editions, you will still be able to access all the digital extras on the website as described in the About This Course pages in the front of the course book or by clicking one of the four History courses above.

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