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New Editions FAQs

New Editions FAQs

When will the new editions be available?
Language Arts New Edition Schedule (Schedule Last Updated April 2022):
Preschool: A new edition of our Preschool Course (which replaced our Pre-K Language Arts course) released on August 30, 2021.
Kindergarten Prep: Kindergarten Prep released on April 19, 2022.
Level K: A new edition will be released in June 2022.
Level 1 and 2: New editions will be released in July 2022.
Level 3: We are currently working on creating a new edition of Level 3 that will be released in early summer 2023.
Level 4: A new edition of Level 4 was released on October 12, 2020.
Level 5: A new edition of Level 5 Language Arts was released on March 8, 2022.
Levels 6 and 7: We plan to release new editions of these levels in 2024.
High School LA Courses: We do not have plans to revise these courses. We will not be releasing any more high school classes in 2022 or 2023.
Will you be discounting the current levels?

Yes. Level K, Level 1, and Level 2 Language Arts are being discontinued and are currently available for 50% off while supplies last. Discount subject to change at any time, all sales for discontinued items are final and items may not be returned or exchanged. Level K Primer has already been discontinued and replaced by Kindergarten Prep.

Has the scope and sequence changed? Are the courses advanced or on grade level?

Yes, the scope and sequence for the entire scope and sequence of Kindergarten Prep through Level 2 have changed. 

These new courses have been aligned to be on average grade levels. We had a huge piloting group, and that was an immense help in making sure the pacing, interest level, and academic level were just right for each age group.

How long will the current editions be available?

Our current editions will only be available until they are sold out. PDFs will likely be removed at that time as well so we suggest downloading any free courses you would like to access now.

How are these editions different from the previous editions?

The lessons have shortened and the pacing has become more gentle, but the effectiveness with which children learn to read, write, and spell has improved and increased. The sequence is much more streamlined, focusing on principles in a very sequential way and building upon prior knowledge. The lesson formats have been improved. Many more geography principles are integrated. The new courses use a new optional Letter Tiles app to assist with spelling practice.

Will any current pieces/products be used with the new courses?

No. All items in our new courses will be completely new. Phonics cards and our current mini books and readers will not be a part of the new program.

Can you tell me more about the components that will be used with the new courses?

We are introducing a more robust and engaging phonics approach with reading booster cards and reading booster books, which we are excited to show you in the near future. These brand-new resources, which are used in correlation with the course book, perfectly align with the child’s progress and greatly increase reading confidence and fluency in a sequential, ordered way.

Do you have the scope and sequence available for the new courses?

We do not yet have a scope and sequence available but will have more details at the time of release.

Will you offer the new courses in printed and PDF format? Will the PDFs for Levels 1 and 2 still be free?

Yes, they will be offered in PDF format. On Valentine’s Day, February 14, 2022, Jenny Phillips made an announcement on our YouTube channel about changes to Language Arts and Simply Good and Beautiful Math. Beginning June 1, 2022, we will be changing what is free. As always, our mission is TRULY about bringing light and strength to the world, and our world has never needed light or strength more. We invite you to watch the video.

Do I have to use the apps to complete the courses?

We will be introducing a free Letter Tiles app that can be used in correlation with the lessons, and which has been a favorite with pilot families. 

We will also be releasing a homeschool app which will be a tremendous resource and make it easy and quick for you to access resources. 

The app resources are highly recommended to enhance learning and pilot families, even those who do not use screens in their homes were raving about the videos, video books, and spelling resources. Most parts of the courses can be completed without the use of our apps, but some parts, especially geography, and some highly effective spelling rule videos require the use of the app, but those parts can be skipped if desired. The apps can be accessed and used on the computer if desired.

I am partway through the original course of Level K Primer, Level K, or Level 1. Can I stop where I am at and start using the new edition of the course?

Because there is a totally new scope and sequence, switching partway through a course is difficult. If you do want to switch, we suggest starting on Lesson 1 of the new course edition and, if desired, you can skip lessons or parts of lessons that contain concepts in which your child is already confident. This assures your child will not miss any foundational concepts.

Can I switch from a current level to a new level with ease? (For example, from current Language Arts Level 1 to new Language Arts Level 2).

Because there is a new scope and sequence for levels preschool to Level 2, you will notice these changes when transitioning from the old curriculum to the new curriculum:

Original Level K Primer to New Level K: The new Level K moves much more slowly at the beginning of the course. Your child should have no problem moving from the original Level K Primer to the new Level K course, although some children may find the first 20 lessons or so easy and will be able to move through them quickly.

Original Level K to New Level 1: If your child completed the original Level K, there will be no problem moving to the New Level 1, although much of the first unit of the new Level 1 will be review for the child, and the child may be able to move through the lessons more quickly. 

Original Level 1 to New Level 2: If your child completed the original Level 1, there will be no problem moving to the New Level 2, although much of the first unit of the new Level 2 will be review for the child, and the child may be able to move through the lessons more quickly. 

New Level 2 to Original Level 3: The NEW Level 2 does not transition well to the current level 3 as there is too big of a jump in difficulty between the new Level 2 and the beginning of the original Level 3. Thus, we are currently working on creating a new edition of Level 3 that will be released in early summer 2023, and it will be the perfect bridge between the new Level 2 and our current Level 4. If you take a full school year to complete the New Level 2, the new Level 3 will be ready for you when you need it for the next school year. We will not be redoing Level 4 as it is already aligned to an average Grade 4 level.

The shift in scope and sequence to be more on grade level allows for children to easily transition from current editions to our new editions. 

What will the cost be for each course?

We have not yet released course prices and will do so at the time of release. We work hard to keep our prices low to give every family a discount every day.

Should I buy the current edition courses or wait for the new releases?

This is a decision to be made by each individual family based on their needs and finances. However, some may want to get the hugely discounted course sets just to get the readers and mini books, which will no longer be available once they are sold out, if you feel these would be great extra resources to have on hand in your home.

Can I pre-order the new courses?

We do not offer pre-orders.

Is there diversity in the new courses?

Yes, a big focus was placed on adding even more diversity in our new courses. In fact, we bought expensive original paintings and commissioned other detailed, beautiful paintings in order to better feature diversity, above and beyond the limited, appropriate paintings that feature diversity that are in the public domain.

Will there be answer keys for all levels? Will the answer key for the old levels still be available?

Yes, there will be answer keys for Level 1 and Level 2. Level K Primer (which will be renamed Kindergarten Prep) and Level K will not have answer keys as the answers are very basic. Old answer keys will also remain available in PDF format.

Do the new LA levels contain assessments?

Yes, there is an assessment after each of the 3 units in the new Levels K–2 Language Arts course books.

My question wasn't answered in the FAQs. Where can I find out more details about the new program? When will you have more information?

More information will be released at the time of the release of our new courses! Stay tuned for samples, flip-throughs, a full scope and sequence, new level assessments, and much more!