Musical Multiplication

4 Spiral Bound Books (Boxed Set), 37 Original Songs by Jenny Phillips (Digital)

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Finally, learning multiplication facts doesn’t have to be hard. Musical Multiplication is full of vibrant images, beautiful multiplication songs, and captivating lyrics that make memorization a breeze!

  • Children learn multiplication facts independently, freeing up time for parents.
  • Children are introduced to joyful learning that is auditory, visual, and kinesthetic.
  • Music ingrains math facts quickly and long term.
  • Children also gain the benefits of practicing melody, pitch, beat, and rhythm.
  • Multiplication songs, written by award-winning songwriter Jenny Phillips, are high-quality and enjoyable.

Note: There are no faith-based lyrics in the songs.  

Buy Physical Version

Musical Multiplication comes as a boxed-set along with a download link to a digital version of 37 original multiplication songs by Jenny Phillips.

Physical Books + MP3 Songs

Includes the boxed set of 4 books with wire binding and a download link to access multiplication songs.
  • Full-color
  • 4.25 x 5.5
  • 110-pound cardstock
  • 74 pages (total)
  • 37 songs (digital MP3s)

Please note: songs are only available with physical purchase. If you choose to return an unwanted unit or cancel an order, you will be charged $12.49  for the songs; only the physical portion is refundable.

Buy Download Version

Looking for a digital option? Musical Multiplication books and songs can be downloaded right to your computer or hand-held device. *NOTE: downloads are final sale and may not be refunded, returned, credited, or exchanged.

(PDF Books + MP3 Songs)


You will receive a link to download a file containing the books and multiplication songs.

  • Full-color
  • 74 pages (total)
  • 37 songs

Friendly Reminder: Downloads are always final sales and cannot be refunded if you later choose to purchase the physical version.

How to Use Musical Multiplication

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