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Level K–2

Each beautifully illustrated Good and Beautiful Reader includes approximately 20 short stories for brand-new readers. Woven throughout each reader are the exact things you want to fill your child’s education with: God, faith, a love of nature, strong character, kindness, and more. 

Each story focuses on one or two phonics concepts or groups of sight words. These wonderful books boost confidence and make reading less overwhelming and a more enjoyable and positive experience.

Good and Beautiful Readers follow the exact scope and sequence of the corresponding Reading Booster Cards, which are integrated into our Language Arts courses. For example, Story #11 in My First Nature Reader covers ending consonant blends that correlate with a Reading Booster A Card. These readers increase reading confidence as they avoid any concepts the child has not yet learned.

Good and Beautiful Readers currently available include:

The Good and Beautiful Readers are not integrated with our Language Arts courses, but are designed to give the child extra independent reading practice at exactly their reading level.

Note: My First Nature Reader and My First Africa Reader correlate with the Kindergarten Level Reading Booster A Cards. My Second Nature Reader correlates with the Level 1 Reading Booster B Cards. My Third Nature Reader correlates with the Level 2 Reading Booster C Cards.

Original Publication Only Available from the Good and Beautiful Bookshop

Good and Beautiful Readers

Level 1A

A Dog Named Sniff—Book 1 is available as part of our free Summer Reading Program while supplies last. Please note purchase of this book does not include Summer Reading Pack items. Click the link above for more info.

When a cute and curious dog named Sniff becomes a part of a little girl’s family, the fun begins! While playing and exploring, the little girl and Sniff become fast friends. The books in A Dog Named Sniff series are adorably illustrated books for beginning readers that teach lessons about loyalty, responsibility, and family. 

A Dog Named Sniff series currently includes the following 3 books:

A Dog Named Sniff books are level 1A original publications with full-color illustrations meant for children who have just completed The Good and the Beautiful Kindergarten Language Arts Course. It is recommended that they be read in order.

A Dog Named Sniff Series