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This 20-page Book Study guides the student through a literary analysis of Little Men, with a focus on the themes and messages, the literary value, the beloved characters in Louisa May Alcott books, a biography of the author, and challenging vocabulary words from the book. It also teaches the student how to write a response paper by having the student read and analyze sample response papers to Little Men and then guiding the student through the steps of writing a response paper at the end of the Book Study.

To complete a Book Study, you will need the following items: the Book Study booklet and the associated reading book.

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Honors Book Study Little Men

Level 11

July had come, and haying begun; the little gardens were doing finely and the long summer days were full of pleasant hours. The house stood open from morning till night, and the lads lived out of doors, except at school time. The lessons were short, and there were many holidays, for the Bhaers believed in cultivating healthy bodies by much exercise, and our short summers are best used in out-of-door work. Such a rosy, sunburnt, hearty set as the boys became; such appetites as they had; such sturdy arms and legs, as outgrew jackets and trousers; such laughing and racing all over the place; such antics in house and barn; such adventures in the tramps over hill and dale; and such satisfaction in the hearts of the worthy Bhaers, as they  saw their flock prospering in mind and body, I cannot begin to describe.

Miss Jo March, the beloved character from Little Women—now Mrs. Jo Bhaer—fills her home at Plumfield with boys in need of guidance, an education, and, above all, affection. The children are full of mischievous and amusing lards in each chapter. Discover with the Plumfield household how, despite some disastrous events, “love is a flower that grows in any soil [and] works its sweet miracles undaunted by autumn frost or winter snow.”

“With incredibly beautiful, descriptive writing, Alcott tells the endearing story of Plumfield, a home and school for boys, where Mr. and Mrs. Bhaer provide their boys with a very different type of education and a lot of love. Powerful messages in this book include devotion to family, self-control, patience, respect for parents, gentleness, creativity, love of learning, hard work, optimism, proper use of money, and humility. This is a classic that should not be missed.”—Jenny Phillips

The Little Men Honors Book Study is available to accompany this book. Both books are integrated with the High School Honors Book Study.

Little Men by Louisa May Alcott


Complete a full study of Pride and Prejudice including the analysis of literary value, themes and messages of the book in this 27-page Honors Book Study. Featuring biographical information about Jane Austen, and challenging vocabulary words, students will be immersed in the life and times of England at the turn of the 19th century. Along with general writing instruction and practice, students are also guided through the analysis and writing of both a response paper and an analysis paper.

To complete an Honors Book Study, you will need the following items: the Book Study booklet and the associated reading book.

Honors Book Study Pride and Prejudice

Level 11

The lovely young Bennet sisters, Jane and Elizabeth, are hoping to find their ideal husbands: men to bring them both love and financial security. When rich and handsome Charles Bingley moves into the neighborhood—and his rich and handsome friend Mr. Darcy comes for a visit—the sisters’ prospects look bright. However, while Mr. Bingley is instantly taken with Jane, Mr. Darcy is haughty and clear about his disdain for the Bennet family’s lack of station and decorum. After he rudely snubs Elizabeth at a party, it seems impossible that Elizabeth’s and Mr. Darcy’s first impressions of each other will ever soften into friendship—and certainly never love.

In this timeless classic, Jane Austen masterfully weaves the perfect blend of comedy, drama, and heartwarming family love. With delightful language and unforgettable characters, readers enter the enchanting Regency era where overcoming pride of station and prejudicial opinions of others is surprisingly relatable to today.

The Pride and Prejudice Book Study is available to accompany this book. Both books are integrated with the High School Honors Book Study.

*Clean Language Version* This unabridged version has updated spelling. Several instances of taking the Lord’s name in vain have been removed.

Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen


To complete an Honors Book Study, you will need the following items: the Book Study booklet and the associated reading book.

Explore the deeply thought-provoking themes, messages, and literary mastery used in The Screwtape Letters with this 23-page Honors Book Study. Students expand their analytical and writing skills as they keep a personal response notebook and complete exercises such as scriptural connections, quote annotations and explanations, etymology exploration, vocabulary assignments, and more. The book study concludes with students crafting their own Screwtape Letter. With an included group discussion guide, this book study is perfect for individual use or groups. 

Honors Book Study The Screwtape Letters


The Screwtape Letters Book Study is available to accompany this book.

Indeed the safest road to Hell is the gradual one—the gentle slope, soft underfoot, without sudden turnings, without milestones, without signposts.

Thus writes the deviously cunning Screwtape to his nephew and underling ,Wormwood, a young devil assigned to tempt and beguile a human “patient.” Through their correspondence, sometimes comic but always cuttingly insightful, C.S. Lewis explores the very nature of good and evil, exposing our universal human failings and our desperate need for communion with God. Though Lewis once said about The Screwtape Letters that he “never wrote with less enjoyment” because of the “spiritual cramp” created by writing from the point of view of a devil, his efforts have uplifted the minds and souls of millions of readers throughout the world. In shining a light on Hell and its endless deceits, Lewis helps point the way to Heaven for all of us.     

The Screwtape Letters by C.S. Lewis