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This beautiful and academically strong course covers writing, spelling, reading, literature, grammar, usage, punctuation, vocabulary, geography, and art appreciation and instruction.

Full-color pages are filled with beautiful language arts instruction, magnificent art, and connected learning. The open-and-go course book includes 120 student-guided lessons. Each lesson starts with a short section that the parent completes with the child followed by independent sections of the lesson to be completed by the child. Every lesson ends with either a writing workshop or a spelling workshop found right in the course book.

  • 398 pages
  • Full color
  • Lay-flat binding with perforated pages; 11″x8.5″

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The Level 5 Book Set and Geography & Grammar Cards are also needed to complete the course.

Course Book Language Arts Level 5


The Language Arts Level 5 Book Set includes the following books that are integrated with the Level 5 course:

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The Watercolors Around the World instruction book has step-by-step instructions for 12 projects that are integrated throughout the course. The book also comes with an accompanying pad with light gray template sheets on high-quality watercolor paper for each project to make projects easier and more fun for the child. Watercolors, brushes, and other supplies not included.

All books may be purchased separately, although significant savings are available with the purchase of the full Book Set. The Watercolors Around the World set is only available with the instruction book and template sheets sold together.

Book Set Language Arts Level 5


It can’t be done. At least that’s what everyone but Oquana and her father, Sequoya, think. They won’t let others’ doubts deter them, though, for Sequoya’s dream is too important: the Cherokee people need a written language for communication and so their history and stories won’t be forgotten. The task of capturing words on paper isn’t easy though. Dislike and mistrust plague Oquana and Sequoya every step of the way, but they keep trying, for they may be running out of time. The Cherokee Nation has begun to split up, and a written language may be the key to keeping peace between the two groups.

Captured Words is part of the Level 5 Book Set and is integrated into the Language Arts Level 5 course.

Captured Words by Frances Williams Browin


High in the rugged Andes of Ecuador, ten-year-old Chico works hard and lives happily with his grandfather and his pet bear, Chan. By firelight, Grandfather tells Chico amazing stories about the Inca and the other ancient people who once inhabited their land. Chico has always felt a close connection to the mountains, his tierra—that is, until he discovers he is an orphan, found out on the moors, and that his grandfather is merely a kind stranger who took Chico in as a baby. Shocked and confused, Chico determines to travel to the city, leaving behind his beloved mountains, to track down his lost family and discover who he truly is.

Chico of the Andesis part of the Level 5 Book Set and is integrated into the Language Arts Level 5 course.

Chico of the Andes by Christine Von Hagen


Marjorie Jefferson is used to a life of indulgence in Ohio, but when her parents must travel overseas for her father’s health, Marjorie is sent to stay with Lucy, her childhood nurse. Lucy lives on the beautiful island of Monhegan, where hard work and kindness are of great value. However, Marjorie doesn’t see anything valuable in living on Monhegan Island, and Dan, Lucy’s husband, doesn’t appreciate Marjorie’s poor attitude. The longer Marjorie stays on the island, though, the more she finds that there’s something special about life on Monhegan that could forever change her—something more than just the fresh sea air.

Marjorie is part of the Level 5 Book Set and is integrated into the Language Arts Level 5 course.

Marjorie by Sidney Baldwin


Fritz is fourteen years old and already dreams of being famous. Although he loves his family, he wants nothing to do with his father’s farm or clockmaking business. His dreams of grandeur are only heightened when he gets lost in the woods and befriends a family with more material wealth than he is used to. Then one unexpected event changes everything. Penned with beautifully descriptive style, The Clockmaker’s Son tells the story of one honorable young man as his sacrificing family, good friends, a newfound faith in Christ, and fierce determination help him turn his life around when it seems darker than he could have ever imagined.

The Clockmaker’s Sonis part of the Level 5 Book Set and is integrated into the Language Arts Level 5 course.

The Clockmaker’s Son by Jenny Phillips


The Watercolor Around the World set includes:

The Watercolor Around the World Set is part of the Level 5 Book Set and is integrated into the Language Arts Level 5 course. Watercolors, brushes, and other supplies not included. Instruction Book and Template Sheets only sold as a set, not sold separately.

Watercolor Around the World Set Language Arts Level 5


For use with levels 5–7, children master grammar concepts and geography through daily review of these cards.

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Language Arts Geography & Grammar Cards