Ecosystems Read-Aloud Book Pack


Two full-color, interactive books included in the optional Ecosystems Read-Aloud Book Pack expand learning and provide a fun, engaging addition to your Ecosystems study.

Travel to three unique ecosystems around the world and learn about the cute and creepy plants and animals that live and work side by side in keeping their ecosystem—and our earth—healthy in Ecosystems in Your Backyard. (32 pages, 11”x8.5”)

Explore the biodiverse ecosystem of the Sonoran Desert with the elf owl. Travel with him as we observe his habitat day and night in Elf Owl and His Ecosystem. (32 pages, 11”x8.5”)

These books are all published by The Good and the Beautiful Library and are designed to appeal to children in grades K–8. Lessons will prompt students when to read these optional books, but they are not integrated with the lessons.

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