Health and the Physical Body Read-Aloud Book Pack


Two full-color, interactive books included in the optional Health and the Physical Body Read-Aloud Book Pack expand learning and provide a fun, engaging addition to your Health and the Physical Body study.

Have you ever caught a cold and wondered what it is, where it came from, how to treat it, and where it goes after you feel better? Learn the answers to these and many more questions in The Story of a Cold. Follow a Finnish girl named Ada who learns firsthand the science behind catching a cold when she herself becomes sick. (32 pages, full-color, 11″x8.5″)

50 Amazing Facts About Bones is a comprehensive book about bone anatomy and physiology. Full of illustrations, diagrams, sketches, and X-ray images, this book is thorough enough to engage a curious first-time bone explorer and enrich a student’s current skeletal study. (29 pages, full-color, 11″x8.5″)

These books are all published by The Good and the Beautiful and are designed to appeal to children in grades K–8. Lessons will prompt students when to read these optional books, but they are not integrated with the lessons.

Original Publication Only Available from the Good and Beautiful Bookshop

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