Health and the Human Mind Read-Aloud Book Pack


Two full-color, interactive books in the optional Health and the Human Mind Read-Aloud Book Pack expand learning and provide a fun, engaging addition to your Health and the Human Mind study.

How do we recognize faces we’ve seen before or remember what we wore yesterday? The Amazing Thing Called Memory by Kelley Williams answers these questions and more as it explores brain function anatomy, fascinating facts, and case studies of individuals with memory challenges. (32 pages, full color, 10″x7″)

Perfectionism, overthinking, low self-esteem, and pressure to please others—Tilly experiences all these thoughts during her first day at choir camp. She wonders if she should even go to camp at all. However, with the help of her mom, Tilly decides to make some goals so she can work through the stress she’s experiencing. It’s hard at first, but Tilly learns just how powerful her mind can be in A Penny for Your Thoughts by Tyler Mattson. (36 pages, full-color, 11″x8.5″)

These books are all published by The Good and the Beautiful Library and are designed to appeal to children of many ages. Lessons will prompt students when to read these optional books, but they are not integrated with the lessons.

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