Heather and the Highland Pony

by Maggie Felsch

Each chapter of the Level 3 Phonics Read-Together Books begins with a phonics page. The phonics principles studied are then reviewed repeatedly and reinforced within the engaging chapter. The parent and child take turns reading their labeled sections, which allows the child to dive into rich literature and complex plots and experience greater joy in reading. These books improve reading fluency, speed, and accuracy; expose the child to model writing; instill a love of good books; and create bonding time for the parent and the child. In addition, the books are packed with powerful messages about moral character.

Heather’s mum quickly pressed a heavy cloth bag into her daughter’s arms. “Heather, if we’ve not arrived at the waterwheel by sunrise, you should leave town. Look after your brother and take care of this bundle. It will help you. You need to—”

But Heather’s mum couldn’t finish her sentence. A soldier called her name loudly.

Armed with sheer determination and a cloth bag of mysterious items, Heather and her young brother set off on a curious journey to find the reason for their parents’ disappearance. As they travel across the Highlands and isles of Scotland, they discover new friends and solve old mysteries.

  • 184 full-color pages
  • 5.5”x8.5”

This read-together chapter book, along with Timothy of the 10th FloorThe Journey of Five, and The Kingdom of Kind, is included in the Phonics Read-Together Book Set, which is integrated with the Level 3 Language Arts Course. This book is perfectly aligned with phonics principles the child has learned.

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