Little Glass Lake

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Good and Beautiful Animal Guide Turtles

Good and Beautiful Animal Guide Turtles
Level 2B

In this guide, explore the fascinating world of turtles! Designed for Level 2 readers, these beautifully illustrated animal guides work well as stand-alone books. They also correlate perfectly with the Little Glass Lake series, in which the main character, Holly, treasures her own set of Good and Animal Guides. When an adventure ensues with a certain type of animal at Little Glass Lake, Holly studies the guide about that animal, and your reader can too!

46 pages

Level 2B

by Jenny Phillips

The beginning of summer brings warmer days and a new animal resident to Little Glass Lake: a turtle! But Holly thinks turtles are scary. Will she ever be able to go swimming in the lake again? Join Holly and the other Little Glass Lake residents, as well as some special visitors, for another wonderful tale about the bonds of faith, family, and friendship.

Little Glass Lake: Turtles is part of the Little Glass Lake series and pairs perfectly with the Good and Beautiful Animal Guide: Turtles. The Little Glass Lake series are level 2B original publications. They are perfect for students at least halfway through second grade and should be read in order.

Original Publication Only Available from the Good and Beautiful Bookshop

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