Quiet Time Learning Songs

12 Quiet Time Learning Songs (MP3s)

Beautiful music

August 1, 2020

I love the music and will be playing it during homeschooling and in the car. I would love it if they added the songs from their Youtube channel like the days of the week and months of the year to help my preschooler learn. Those songs are favorites of ours also.


Such beautiful music!

May 29, 2020

My 4 young children love all the songs! The music is so calming and serene, and I absolutely love the peaceful setting it brings to our home. The lyrics are uplifting, educational and can certainly capture attention. I find myself playing this music on repeat several times per day, especially nap and bed times, as it really does soften the tone I see in my kids as they listen to it. I highly recommend this album!


Not just for kids

May 21, 2020

I bought this thinking it would be great to have playing in the background as my children worked on chores or school but was surprised that I ended up loving it so much.



April 17, 2020

These songs are simply lovely to listen to. I love the feeling this music is bringing to my home!! My young children have loved them, and my daughter is currently listening to her favorite track (Who Has Seen the Wind) on repeat.

Kersten L


April 8, 2020

My daughter is in love with the quiet time learning songs. We just purchased the songs today, I already have listened to all the songs twice with my daughter. My other kids are commenting on how wonderful each song is. Not just for little kids, these songs are for the entire family. I do wish that there was a download for the lyrics as well.

Krista B.

Response from The Good and the Beautiful

Hi Krista! There are lyrics available on our page by clicking the blue “Lyrics and Credits” button. We are so glad you love it!

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Bring the peacefulness and power of good music into your child’s day! Our new Quiet Time Learning Songs album features twelve new songs about counting, sharing, nature, saying thank you, the alphabet, imagination, the wonders of God, and so much more—perfect for bringing calm to your home or your car. Available only on our website as a download, these songs feature original lyrics and music by Jenny Phillips as well as classic songs and poetry.

You will receive a link to download 12 songs including:

  • Where is God?
  • Who Has Seen the Wind?
  • The Alphabet Song
  • Snowflake World
  • Say Thank You
  • My Gift
  • Morning, Afternoon, Evening, Night
  • Little Raindrops
  • I’d Like to be a Lighthouse
  • Fifteen Sheep on the Hillside
  • I Can Count by Tens
  • I Can Share

Click here to see our other music album, Bedtime Songs.

Please note: these songs are not available in physical format or on a CD. You may burn a CD for your own family’s use using the downloaded MP3s. Files may not be shared with those outside of your household. *NOTE: downloads are final sale and may not be refunded, returned, credited, or exchanged.

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