Reading Booster C Set


Includes Reading Booster C Cards and Reading Booster C Books Set

Reading Booster C Cards

Each lesson in the Level 2 Course Book will direct you to work on these beautiful and fun Reading Booster Cards and/or Books. The child will go through the Cards and Books at his or her own pace. Once a card is mastered, your child selects a sticker from the sticker sheets in the back and places it on the “Mastered” circle at the bottom of the card.

Each card focuses on a certain phonics principle or a group of second grade sight words. Review cards are placed intermittently throughout the cards. These Reading Booster Cards will also tell you when to read the Reading Booster Books. These adorable and fascinating books correlate directly with each card.

  • 64 pages and 2 pages of stickers
  • Full color cardstock pages
  • Wire bound; 5.5”x8.5”

Reading Booster C Books Set

The Reading Booster C Books Set includes 2 fascinating original books that correlate directly with the Reading Booster C Cards. These read along books are designed to have a parent read sections of the book along with the student and are a fantastic resource to build reading confidence and fluency. The Reading Booster Cards will tell you when to read each chapter.

Each chapter focuses on just one or a select few reading concepts, phonics principles, word families, or second grade sight word groups that were just learned on the corresponding Reading Booster Card. The student reading in the books also only contain words including phonics principles the child has already learned. These books can be read as many times as desired for review and for cementing principles.

  • 2 hardcover books with fabric bookmark
  • Illustrated
  • 5.5”x8.5″