The Big Book of Science Stories

Sparks and Stars (PDF)

PDF for self printing

The Big Book of Science Stories: Sparks and Stars contains fourteen beautifully illustrated stories that will inspire interest and wonder in a variety of science topics. Your child will enjoy reading about Kevin’s trip to a planetarium, learning about the life cycle of crops from planting to harvesting on Felix’s farm, and see how José and his robotics team find their missing motor, among other engaging and educational stories. The Science for Little Hearts and Hands Parent Guide: Sparks and Stars will prompt you to read each story throughout the course.

  • PDF for self printing
  • 225 pages
  • 14 engaging stories
  • Full color; 8.5”x11”

Parent Guide: Sparks and Stars is also needed to complete this course. To purchase the PDF version of the Parent Guide: Sparks and Stars, click here.

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