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Handwriting for Littles

Science for Little Hearts and Hands

Our brand-new Science for Little Hearts and Hands ~ Fields and Flowers is a gentle introduction to exploring God’s amazing creation. Learn about bees, trees, and so much more…

The Full-Color Course Set Includes:

Full-color, spiral-bound Parent Guide (80 pages)
Directions, activities, and discussion questions to all 30 fun, interactive, hands-on lessons

The Big Book of Science Stories (203 pages)
15 beautifully illustrated stories that inspires
interest and wonder in a variety of science topics

Lesson Videos
15 videos share interesting facts about the
topics studied in a fun and engaging manner

Music for Littles

Bring the peacefulness and power of good music into your child’s day! Songs about counting, sharing, nature, saying thank you, the alphabet, imagination, the wonders of God, and so much more—perfect for bringing calm to your home or your car.

Available only on our website as a download, these songs feature original lyrics and music by Jenny Phillips as well as classic songs and poetry.

Features twelve new songs about counting, sharing, nature, saying thank you, the alphabet, imagination, the wonders of God, and so much more.

Quiet Time Learning Songs

Includes 12 Learning Songs

You will receive a link to download 12 songs including:

  • Where is God?
  • Who Has Seen the Wind?
  • The Alphabet Song
  • Snowflake World
  • Say Thank You
  • My Gift
  • Morning, Afternoon, Evening, Night
  • Little Raindrops
  • I’d Like to be a Lighthouse
  • Fifteen Sheep on the Hillside
  • I Can Count by Tens
  • I Can Share
Bedtime Songs album will lull children to sleep as beautiful musical and language patterns fill their minds.

Bedtime Songs

Includes 8 Bedtime Songs

You will receive a link to download 8 songs including:

  • Child’s Lullaby
  • Mr. Owl
  • The Nesting Hour
  • Thou God Seest Me
  • Song at Dusk
  • Meadow of the Night
  • Tender Shepherd
  • Goodnight
Learning and ABC songs for kids. A homeschool resource teaching letter sounds and vowels as well as songs for bedtime and naptime.

Level K-Primer Learning Songs

Includes 20 Alphabet Learning Songs

20 good and beautiful gentle style songs (MP3s) that teach long and short vowels and the sounds of the letters. These beautiful songs are perfect for not only learning, but also instilling a love of good music in young students while helping them calm down in the car, during rest time, or at bedtime.

The songs are not integrated with the course. Play them anytime. 

Independent Activities for Littles

Hands-on, independent activity books perfect for preschoolers to explore tiny creatures.

Insect & Spider Mazes 
Young children will love learning about insects and spiders as they complete these wipe-clean mazes.
Insects & Spider Mazes Instructions

Use a dry erase marker to find your way through the mazes. Wipe clean with a dry cloth after every use.

Butterflies and Beetles Flip Books hands-on, independent activity perfect for preschoolers to explore as they match up different insects or make silly creature combinations
Beetles & Butterflies Flip Books Instructions

Carefully cut only the butterfly and beetle pages along the dotted lines. Do not cut the last page of the book.

For Littles: Mammal Bundle

Carefully cut only the flip book pages along the dotted lines. Do not cut the last page of the book.

Poetry for Littles

Each themed Poetry Party for Littles includes short, sweet poems; party supply lists; snack options; and crafts with photographs and directions. Enjoy a poetry party with your child or invite his or her friends for a special event!

YouTube Kids Channel

Songs and learning videos to engage young learners are found on our kids channel.


Build listening, comprehension, attention, and other valuable skills with our beautifully illustrated FREE audiobooks.

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