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The Good and the Beautiful is creating something truly unique for high school homeschool students: a powerful curriculum that connects students to the best literature and the highest academic standards. Our one-of-a-kind high school Language Arts program maintains rigorous academic standards while focusing on appreciating and contributing to the beauty and good in the world. Courses will leave your teenager with a well-rounded education of both the mind and character.

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Language Arts

Language Arts

Greenleaf High School will give students the opportunity to take academically strong courses that are packed with meaning and beauty and use only wholesome, profanity-free literature of the highest merit. Prepare your student for college-level literature, writing, and grammar with courses that use a cross-curricular approach to maximize learning (including geography and art) in less time.

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The Good and the Beautiful team may pursue a high school science program in the future but at this time, our focus is on our high school language arts courses. We currently have family-style science units for students through grade 8. Click below for details and to browse samples!

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The Good and the Beautiful team may pursue a high school history course in the future but at this time, our focus is on our high school language arts courses. We currently have a family-style history course for students through high school age which can be found here: https://www.goodandbeautiful.com/pre-k-8-curriculum/history/


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Greenleaf High School has big plans for elective classes! We are not ready to announce any of them quite yet, but we will keep this page updated as our plans unfold.

Frequently Asked High School Questions

What is Greenleaf High School?

Greenleaf High School is a program with unaccredited homeschool high school courses that can be done completely at home or with local high school groups created by parents. 

Is Greenleaf High School Curriculum similar to The Good and the Beautiful Pre K-8 Curriculum?

Greenleaf High School curriculum is similar to The Good and the Beautiful PreK-8 curriculum in that it integrates only top-quality literature, clean literature; that it connects students to God, nature, and high-character; that is academically solid and thorough. The high school curriculum is all self-directed by the student, but can also be completed in a group setting with parent and student, in school settings, or in co-op settings.

When will new Greenleaf High School courses be available?

For the 2019/2020 school year, Language Arts 1 and Language Arts 2, and the Little Men Honors Book Study will be available. High School 3 will release in the summer of 2020. We do not have any further release dates available at this time.

What is behind the name Greenleaf High School?

Because Greenleaf High School is unique from our Pre-K through 8 curriculum and is more rigorous, it needed a different, more mature name. The high school division is named after the American writer and abolitionist John Greenleaf Whittier (1807-1892), who represents important aspects of our curriculum: high-quality literature, high moral character, hard work, a love of nature, and a love of learning. Students study John Greenleaf Whittier and read a biography about him in the High School 1 language arts course.

Can I get more information about the overall program?

Students can take as many or as few classes as they would like from Greenleaf High School. Our courses are meant to leave students with a solid, beautiful education and a sense of accomplishment. The courses are self-directed or done in a group (which can be teacher-directed). Parents grade all classes (or by teachers if the student is working within a class or group). The courses use physical materials, with many of them containing online audio or videos to watch as part of the course.

What curriculum should I use for my high schooler while I am waiting for Greenleaf High School Curriculum to release?

For the 2019/2020 school year, Greenleaf High School will have language arts curricula. History can be studied using The Good and the Beautiful K–12 family-style history program. You will need to use another curriculum for math and science.

Christian Worldview

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