How to Get Started Homeschooling

Ready to order curriculum or just starting to think about homeschooling?

Don’t panic! The Good and the Beautiful makes homeschooling simple, affordable and yes, even lots of fun!

These two short videos navigate this new and exciting journey with you step-by-step, whether you are starting to homeschool mid-year or at any other time!

Sample Homeschool Schedules

Learn a variety of scheduling options from real-life families using The Good and the Beautiful curriculum in their homeschools!

Click the image at left or here to read our scheduling blog post, watch the new video, and then print your own pdf schedules to fill in and organize your homeschool days!

The Good and the Beautiful Curriculum
Making Homeschool Beautiful and Easy

Free PDF downloads for Levels 1-5!

Incorporates multiple subjects: phonics, writing, geography, and more

Emphasizes family, God, high character values

Brand-new Simply Good and Beautiful Math coming this summer!

Short, daily lessons

Incorporates games and fun, life-based activities

Family-style, open-and-go lessons

Beautiful, orginal read-aloud books

Free online experiments and videos for new units

Family-style courses with little prep needed

Extensions for upper grades

Interactive lessons with audio dramatizations and board games


Creative Writing

Drawing Vintage Images and Trees

Handwriting Books with Cursive – best sellers each year

Find Level Assessments for Language Arts, Math and Reading Level at this link.

Additional Resources

Watch the video above, then visit our beloved The Good and Beautiful Library, full of pure and powerful literature for all ages!

Find exciting videos just for kids on our YouTube Kids Channel!

Learn more about homeschool planning and organizing here!

Free, narrated books for ages Pre-K and up!