Just David

by Eleanor H. Porter
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David is a fascinating charater whom you grow to love in this book!

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October 9, 2019

I read this book last year, and I am reading it again because there is so much to learn from it. It is a beautiful story. After reading I was left feeling like I want to be better and do better, to notice the beautiful creations all around me! My children who are high school age go to the public school, I required them to read it and lament that such books as this are not used in schools. This currently is my favorite book and I am sure will always be one of my top 10!

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Level 9

David was raised in an isolated mountain cabin by a devoted father who taught David to love beauty, nature, and music. When David’s father becomes seriously ill, he decides to take David to relatives that the boy has never met. But partway into the journey, his father dies. David does not know the names of his relatives or even the name of his father, which his father had a reason for not telling him. This story is not just about what happens to David, but also what happens to all those who enter his life after this tragic event.

198 pages

This book is integrated with the High School 1 Language Arts Course and is included in the High School 1 Course Set.

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