Just David

by Eleanor H. Porter

Beautiful read!

5.0 rating
April 28, 2021

Oh my gosh! This book was so beautiful! It touched me deeply and brought tears to my eyes more than once. A beautiful story of simple innocence and faith changing lives, with a wonderful feel-good ending. I bought this book for myself, so cannot give feedback on how my children enjoyed it, but go and get this book for yourselves, moms!

Dora Jacobs

Very well written

5.0 rating
April 27, 2021

Wish I had heard about this book when I was younger. We really liked that book grabs your attention right from the beginning. Very well written.

April a

Sweetest Story!

5.0 rating
April 27, 2021

I think it is sad that this book by Eleanor Porter is lesser known! I had never heard of it until I purchased the High School 1 Language Arts curriculum for my daughter. We both loved this sweet story! The character of David is truly a gem…his innocence and kindness left an imprint on our hearts. This is a worthwhile read and teaches really wonderful character traits.

Joni G


5.0 rating
April 27, 2021

We really like how this book draws you in right from the beginning and makes you empathize with all the characters. It has a very deep and moving storyline that helps bring you back to all the historical events of WWII. It’s very exciting, interesting, and we’ll written.

Katie S.

Just David is a treasure!

5.0 rating
July 29, 2020

This is the third book I’ve read by Eleanor Porter, and I just love them all. David’s character completely surprised me as we learn more about him, his unique upbringing by his father, and the people he influenced for good in the book. I came away with such a desire to really notice the beautiful things in nature that are all around us. The tale of his friends in “The Princess and the Pauper,” and it’s ending was also a sweet addition to the book. You won’t want to miss out on this treasure!

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Level 9

David was raised in an isolated mountain cabin by a devoted father who taught David to love beauty, nature, and music. When David’s father becomes seriously ill, he decides to take David to relatives that the boy has never met. But partway into the journey, his father dies. David does not know the names of his relatives or even the name of his father, which his father had a reason for not telling him. This story is not just about what happens to David, but also what happens to all those who enter his life after this tragic event.

198 pages

This book is integrated with the High School 1 Language Arts Course and is included in the High School 1 Course Set.

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