Summer Reading Pack

Grade 2 (One per Child)
Summer Reading Chart with stickers, Free Book (Little Glass Lake: Ducks), 2 Bookmarks
For children in grade 2

We are losing whole generations of children who are able to recognize or care about literature and learning that is good and beautiful. We are also facing generations of children who are flooded with books that model disrespect and low character. Our overarching mission is to help draw children and families to learning and books that are clean, promote high character, and create strong and faithful minds and hearts. There is so much joy to be found in rich, uplifting literature. Join us in our journey!

With every free summer reading pack (limit one per child in your household) you will receive:

  • Summer reading chart—double-sided create-your-own hiking scene with stickers, instructions, and personal message
  • Free bookLittle Glass Lake: Ducks (level 2); this fun book that weaves nature and adventure together can be used during the Summer Reading Program or as a reward after completing it. View sample pages.

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Only pay $1.79/pack shipping**

How does the program work?

1. Add one FREE Summer Reading Program pack above to your cart for each child in your household. Only pay $1.79/pack shipping**. Each pack contains these free items:

  • One free book, Little Glass Lake: Ducks (level 2, to be read during the summer reading program or used as the award for completing the program)
  • Create-your-own hiking scene reading chart with stickers to track progress

or download the FREE summer reading program PDF pack below and print out the reading chart, stickers, and bookmarks at home.

2. Choose books from The Good and the Beautiful Bookshop or from The Good and the Beautiful Book List to read during the summer. After each book is read, the child will write the book title on the chart and put a sticker on the scene.

3. After reading 5 books and the chart is complete, your child can receive the free book (if you have the physical pack) or another reward of your choosing. If you are using the free PDF download, come up with your own prize for your child, such as a campout in the backyard, an ice cream party, or any other special prize.

Explore Books in the Little Glass Lake Series

Little Glass Lake Ducks

Level 2B

Meet Holly, a fun girl with braids that are always bouncing. She lives in one of three cheerful homes that sit around Little Glass Lake. Holly’s favorite place is the tree house at the edge of her yard, where she loves to read about and observe nature. When Holly spots an unfamiliar rowboat and a new type of duck on the lake, she can only imagine the wonderful adventures and lessons about honesty and friendship that are about to unfold along the banks of Little Glass Lake.

Buy the accompanying Good and Beautiful Animal Guide: Ducks to enhance enjoyment and learning!

139 pages

Little Glass Lake Turtles

Level 2B

The beginning of summer brings warmer days and a new animal resident to Little Glass Lake: a turtle! But Holly thinks turtles are scary. Will she ever be able to go swimming in the lake again? Join Holly and the other Little Glass Lake residents, as well as some special visitors, for another wonderful tale about the bonds of faith, family, and friendship.

Buy the accompanying Good and Beautiful Animal Guide: Turtles to enhance enjoyment and learning!

144 pages

Little Glass Lake Hummingbirds

Level 2B

Summertime brings new adventures and visitors to Little Glass Lake. While the children are enjoying time with Grandma Bee, they discover a furry new friend who is lost and must be delivered to its owner despite Holly growing more attached every second. In the meantime, a scientist arrives at the lake and sends the children on a quest to photograph a brand-new species of hummingbird, offering a large reward that Holly hopes to receive and use for something special.

Buy the accompanying Good and Beautiful Animal Guide: Hummingbirds to enhance enjoyment and learning!

154 pages

Little Glass Lake Rabbits

Level 2B

One hot summer morning, Holly and Henry decide to ride their bikes to the nearby sheep farm. They have no idea of the events that are about to unfold around a brand-new For Sale sign, a Netherland Dwarf rabbit that seems to be an escape artist, and even a dangerous natural disaster! Join Holly and her family as they experience many new and unexpected changes around Little Glass Lake.

Buy the accompanying Good and Beautiful Guide: Rabbits to enhance enjoyment and learning!

162 pages

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    Download includes PDF version of these items for printing at home:

    • Create-your-own hiking scene reading chart
    • Stickers

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