Ted and Tom and the Tall Tall Peak

by Jenny Phillips

The power of imagination

5.0 rating
April 30, 2021

My boys loved this story of imagination, adventure, and brotherly love.


Love the brotherly love

5.0 rating
April 28, 2021

Cute story about make-believe. Cozy and fun. My struggling reader enjoyed it.

Melissa W.

Fun adventure stories, darling illustrations!

5.0 rating
January 25, 2021

This book is a visual treat! The stories are fun adventures about two brothers imaging exciting journeys in a big cardboard box. The stories are interesting in spite of being constructed with easy to read words for new readers. But the pictures make the book! My new reader would pause his reading frequently to take in all of the cute details of the pictures. I love all of these level 1-2 stories–they are giving my new reader so many exciting options for good and beautiful books to read while he’s still just learning.

Danielle B

Encourages Imagination

5.0 rating
December 9, 2020

I was pleasantly surprised at the contents of this book. The title and cover give nothing away as to what this story is about. I love how it encourages kids to use their imagination when they’re bored. So amazing adventures they can have!

Linda L

Cure for Boredom

5.0 rating
November 28, 2020

My kids really liked this book. Nothing like a box and some craft supplies to cure boredom! The illustrations are as good as the story.

Ann M.
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Level 1B

With the help of some cardboard boxes and other supplies, brothers Ted and Tom embark on wonderful adventures, racing down frozen hills and fighting for survival on a roaring sea. Join the brothers in these two delightful tales to be reminded that a little imagination goes a long way.

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