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About Shannen Yauger

Shannen Yauger has always had a passion for books, whether it be writing or reading. 

From an early age, Shannen would rush home from school to get an afternoon snack and curl up with a good book. During her school years, these stories spurred her imagination and galvanized her interest in the dramatic arts. As she grew older, Shannen kept multiple journals, including quotes from good books, storylines that piqued ideas, poems, and character sketches with tales to be told. This passion for storytelling became stronger once she became a mother and started sharing books with her daughter.

Observing the way her small child reacted to the books that they read together, Shannen felt the pull to begin writing. Her first book, Anne Marie’s Reading Adventures, is based on her daughter’s love of reading, animals, and friendship. She has gone on to write many more stories, pulling from real characters in her life, people that inspire her, and figments of her imagination.

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Books by Shannen Yauger

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The Spark by Shannen Yauger

The Spark

Picture Book


What Readers Are Saying . . .

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