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Before You Begin

Our Preschool course is fun and simple to teach!
With very little prep now, the course is ready to begin.

Get an overview of the course by reading a few highlights below!

Required Items Needed for Preschool

The Preschool course set includes the individual items listed below. Are you missing an item? Compare your packing slip to your order. You may have ordered the “course book” rather than the “course set.”

If something is missing, contact our Customer Support Team at [email protected] and we will be happy to help you.

Items Needed

  • Access to videos
  • Course Book
  • Practice Sheets
  • Folder Activities
  • Pencil, crayons, scissors
  • Glue stick, glue, & tape 
  • paint, play dough, mini pom-poms, pipe cleaners, cereal pieces, dry or cooked then dried spaghetti noodles, glitter, small pieces of cut-up paper, a spoon, cotton swab, glass cup, paintbrush, fork, book, key, craft stick, seeds, cotton balls, index cards, grass, beans, fruit snacks, pennies, dimes, pasta, etc.

For the full list of items and when they are used, see our About This Course pages.

Skills Introduced in this Course

The Good and the Beautiful Preschool introduces children ages 3–5 to these concepts:

  • Number and letter recognition
  • Letter sounds
  • Pencil Grip
  • Fine motor practice
  • Colors, shapes, counting, rhyming, sorting, order of events, and more

This course teaches only the most common sound of each letter, as some letters have more than one sound. Children will learn the other sounds of the letters in the Level K course.

How This Course Works


The Preschool course consists of 90 lessons divided into 7 units. Each parent-directed lesson is 1–3 pages and provides detailed teaching for children ages 3–5. While some children complete a lesson a day, others may move at a quicker or slower pace. Whatever the child’s pace, it is acceptable if he or she is enjoying learning and not feeling too rushed or overwhelmed. As you begin this course, watch for cues from your child that show how much work can be completed in one session.

Blue text instructs you, the teacher, and black text is what you read to the child. The hands-on learning activities throughout the course book and activity packet provide fun ways to practice letters and numbers. The course book directs you when to use the Preschool Practice Sheets book.

Practice Sheets

Preschool Practice Sheets contains the letter activity pages and practice sheets, which provide additional practice of the concepts taught in each unit. Each unit includes ten practice sheets that provide additional review of the principles taught. The practice sheets are optional and are not scheduled in the course book.

Folder Activities

Prepare the folder activities before you start the course. This is the only preparation required for the course. Place punched-out items in the appropriate folders. Then, just grab a folder activity when the course tells you to. Note: Each Folder Activity focuses on a certain set of letters, not the whole alphabet.


Musical Notes

All the songs used in this course are available as free at (password in course book). Many of the songs and videos can also be viewed on The Good and the Beautiful Kids YouTube channel.

About This Course

The “About This Course” pages in the front of your course book provide a full picture of the course. Read the complete details unique to this level by clicking on the “Read About This Course” button below.

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