Boy of the Pyramids–A Mystery of Ancient Egypt

by Ruth Fosdick Jones

This book kept all 6 of my kids (and their mom!) on the edge of our seats

5.0 rating
November 12, 2019

WOW!!! This book is awesome! I grew up hating to read. I was forced to read books I didn’t like and wasn’t interested in. So as an adult, I don’t read too much unless it’s something I am interested in. We started history 1 and we started reading this book. My children are ages 16, 12, 10, 8, 5, 2. I can honestly say that all 6 of my children and I LOVE this book. But I think I love it even more than they do. I love all the historical information being woven into the story and the fact that the kids are learning so much without even knowing it! The story line is just amazing. We were all so sad when we finished reading it. I am sure we will read it again somewhere down the road. If we got nothing else out of history 1, finding this book was well worth using the history course.


Unexpected Gem

5.0 rating
September 25, 2019

What an unexpected gem. I love how the information about Egypt was so seamlessly interwoven in the engaging story. I actually feel so sad to have finished today after reading it slowly over the last few weeks to correspond to the History 1 Unit 1 lessons. My 7 yr old asked if there were other books with Kaffe and Sari after we finished 🙂 She always asked for more each time we read.
It is an easy read, works great as a read aloud, exciting story line, the hardest part is the pronunciation for me. Kaffe rhymes with safe and we googled Sari and pronounced it like S-air-y rhymes with Mary. Really positive relationships in the story between Kaffe and his parents and between them and their slaves. Highly recommend and will be keeping this one to read over again.


Good read

5.0 rating
September 17, 2019

My kids loved reading this book and listened well the whole time. It is faced paced and easy for them to comprehend. They begged to read more when we finished a chapter. Thanks.

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Level 6

Boy of the Pyramids is the heartwarming story of the unlikely friendship that forms between an Egyptian nobleman’s son, Kaffe, and Sari, a slave girl from the Sinai region. Together, they come to understand each other’s cultures, learn the traditions and farming methods of the people who live along the Nile, uncover foul play during a bullfight, and themselves in danger while seeking adventure, understand Egyptian beliefs about the afterlife, and ultimately solve the mystery that is woven throughout the tale. This is an engaging story of family love, compassion, sacrifice, bravery, loyalty, and adventure!

100 pages

This book is a suggested read-aloud for the History Year 1 course and is included in the optional History 1 Book Pack.

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