Princess Penny Saves the Day

by Heidi Jenkins

Encouraging for young readers

5.0 rating
February 1, 2021

Princess Penny was a fun adventure to read. It teaches kids that they can solve big problems too.

River 7

An empowered little girl

5.0 rating
January 25, 2021

I love how this book shows that even little girls can make a difference with a little determination. My 6 year old loved this story.


Such a delightful story

4.0 rating
January 7, 2021

This is such a delightful story for any kid who is always being told they are “too little” to help or to do something great. Penny proves that kids can do great things too.

The Christian Bookworm Podcast

One of my daughter's favorites

5.0 rating
October 17, 2020

I sometimes wonder how much my young kids retain when they are reading. Well, if I had any doubt they were paying attention it was dissolved yesterday when my daughter had to tell her grandpa all about Princess Penny and how she is small but it doesn’t stop her from saving the day and proving to the kingdom that she could be mighty! I loved listening to her retell this story in her own words and how dramatic she made it all sound. She truly loved this story and it resonated with her.
On a side note, I have a hard time finding books that show siblings treating each other with respect and kindness. My two have such a strong bond between them and LOVE each other immensely so reading a book where the princes treat Penny with love and admiration is a wonderful thing!



5.0 rating
June 3, 2020

My 2nd grader just finished this book and she said it was so cute and loved the pictures. She was excited to read it each day and made school smoother because she was looking forward to reading. She said this book is perfect for little girls! Thanks for making good books!

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Level 2

“I want to help,” said Penny. “Please let me!”

“How could you help?” asked the king. “You are only seven years old”

Watersford is usually a peaceful place, so when trouble arises, Princess Penny wants to help. Though many in the kingdom doubt her abilities, and despite the obstacles in her path, Penny sets off to make things right. Beautifully illustrated, this charming tale reminds readers that sometimes heroes come in unexpected sizes.

70 pages, hardcover

Atlas and His Amazing Adventure, Peter the Persnickety, Gwennie and the Great Green Forest, and Princess Penny Saves the Day are part of our Silver Tales Series. These hardcover Level 2 books with whimsical illustrations and uplifting messages are all original publications and can be read in any order.

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