Maturation Science Unit: Quick Start

Welcome to The Good and the Beautiful Maturation & Sexual Reproduction Science Unit

Before You Begin Studying Maturation

Our Maturation and Sexual Reproduction family-style science unit is simple to teach! Let’s look at what is included in your course and how to get started.

About the Topic of Maturation

Teaching children all about their growing bodies can be a difficult subject for parents to approach. Some families choose to teach this topic to each of their children individually, whereas others teach children together.

The goal for this course is for children to understand the changes taking place as they mature, learn how to care for their bodies, and additionally, discuss God’s beautiful design for reproduction.

Children enjoy learning in a loving and secure environment with open discussions about topics that might otherwise be uncomfortable. With a helpful Q&A section, parents can confidently teach their children about the beauty of growing up and becoming an adult.

Because every family is different, this unit is designed to be used at any age parents deems appropriate. Some parents may choose to introduce some of the concepts at an early age and save other lessons for later when their child is ready; other parents may feel that their child is ready to complete the entire unit.

Required Items

Science Unit Study

Homeschool Science Unit Maturation and Sexual Reproduction Book Cover

One unit study book needed per family.

Level 3–8 Student Journal

Homeschool Science Unit Maturation and Sexual Reproduction Student Journal

One student journal needed per child in grades 3–8.

*Copyright: If you use this science course in a group setting, you must purchase an physical copy of the unit book for each set of eight children in the class. You must purchase a student journal for each child who will be completing the unit.

Maturation Unit Information

Science Journal

Student Journal

Each student needs his or her own student journal. Lessons direct the child when to complete the activities in the journal. This unit is different from other units because it has only a single student journal for children grades 3–8.

Lesson Mini Books

Lesson Preparation

Just open and go! Your Maturation Unit Study arrives wire bound. Each student needs his or her own perfect bound Student Journal.

Science Wall

Science Wall Vocabulary

Cut apart the vocabulary words now, so they are ready to be placed on your science wall. The course tells you when to use these.

Lesson Preparation


Engage children with hands-on activities. Always use appropriate adult supervision. This unit contains hands-on activities but does not include experiments or videos.

New Discoveries

New discoveries in all fields of science are ongoing. The Good and the Beautiful science units are reviewed and revised periodically to keep information as up-to-date as possible.

Unit Information

The Good and the Beautiful Science Courses Unit Information

Click here for a printable download of this information. It includes a complete materials-needed list for your convenience.

Frequently Asked Questions

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